Well-known users of DriverPacks

Here you can find some of the better-known users of DriverPacks. This list is by no means complete — many organizations use DriverPacks without letting us know.

First off — companies using DriverPacks:

Symantec Professional Services are recommending DriverPacks to customers working with operating system deployment. They fit perfectly with our Altiris Deployment Solution.
Carsten G., Lead Technical Architect Symantec
LinMin recommends DriverPacks.net to all who need a reliable and convenient source of drivers. Our system administrator customers use DriverPacks for the bare metal provisioning of both Windows Server 2003 and XP systems. LinMin's QA labs uses DriverPacks.net extensively: who has time to track down all these drivers? Thank you DriverPacks.net!
Laurent Gharda, CEO and Founder of LinMin Corp.
DGT Group's home and professional electronic surveillance services are recommending DriverPacks to customers. Our company uses DriverPacks to facilitate connecting computers with surveillance equipment. An amazing job, because now we no longer need to find any particular driver anymore. Thank you, DriverPacks.net!
Juan Martín Cufré, CEO & CTO

Not only companies, but also educational institutions are using DriverPacks:

We use Driverpacks here in the Faculty of Engineering & Physical Sciences at the University of Manchester; mainly to create our unattended install DVDs for use on high-spec postgraduate machines and staff members' laptops but also to update drivers on older machines. We're very grateful to all the hard work you guys put in — many thanks!
Paul Mulherin, IT Officer, Faculty of Engineering & Physical Sciences, University of Manchester
We use DriverPacks here in the School of Engineering, Cardiff University to create unattended install DVDs for use on postgraduate and staff members computers and laptops when they require stand-alone installs for project use. We also create a separate DVD of drivers which we use for updating existing machines' drivers. We appreciate all the hard work you guys put in to creating these DriverPacks. Thanks to you all!
Brian Hargreaves, IT Officer, School of Engineering, Cardiff University
We are a school district with over 2000 systems spread across many sites. We often get donations from local organizations which means we have many different brands and models. The DriverPacks have saved our team countless hours of both searching for and installing drivers. Thanks to all of the contributors, your work is very much appreciated!
André Rieussec, Computer Network Technician, Lompoc Unified School District
The Krannert School of Management uses DriverPacks in all of our computer deployments. Our Windows XP machines use a universal image built with DriverPacks and deployed with Symantec Ghost DeployAnywhere. All new computers are Windows 7 x64, deployed using WDS with DriverPacks loaded. These setups allow us to rarely ever deal with any drivers. DriverPacks are wonderful and save us time everyday!
Ryan Drown, User Services Coordinator, Krannert School of Management, Purdue University
As we support our students, staff, and faculty across every sector of the university, it is imperative that we have the right tools to work on a wide variety of computer hardware as quickly and efficiently as possible. DriverPacks have enabled us to complete installs and deployments much quicker saving us the worry of finding drivers and making our turn around time faster for almost every machine leaving our workstations.
Mario Loria, ITSS Student Employee, PSG President and Server Administrator

Some governments are also using DriverPacks:

BelgiumMinistry of Interior

We have also assembled a list of other projects that rely on the DriverPacks project:

UBCD4Win is a bootable recovery CD that contains software used for repairing, restoring, or diagnosing almost any computer problem. Our goal is to be the most complete and easy to use free computer diagnostic tool.

UBCD4Win has assisted the DriverPacks.net team in adding BartPE support to DriverPacks BASE and thus pioneered in bringing DriverPacks support to BartPE. Thanks!
WinBuilder projects based on Windows PE such as LiveXP, VistaPE and Win7PE include DriverPacks as default in their public distributions. It's the simplest solution to ensure that our projects will recognize and support the hardware where these boot disks run without worries.
Nuno Brito, WinBuilder project developer

WinBuilder is a script engine that can be used to produce very efficient boot disks for several Windows platforms.

All projects that use the WinBuilder engine gather at Boot Land. Boot Land is a community that is focused on the research and development of free tools and resources for boot disks.

Using DriverPacks and would like to see your company, college, university, government organization or project listed? Then contact us!