What are the "DriverPacks"?

Each DriverPack is a package of drivers for a particular category of hardware. There are for example DriverPacks for Sound devices and for Graphics devices. For each of these DriverPacks we include every device driver of that category. On top of that, we solve tricky problems — such as driver conflicts — for you.

They are intended to be used while creating a Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Vista or Windows 7 installation disc/image. We also provide you with the software to make that as simple as possible.

Your Windows installation disc doesn't have drivers for all hardware, and over time the drivers it does have get out-of-date.

We've built this to simplify the lives of network administrators and employees of pc shops, but also enthusiast pc users.

Sounds cool? Then explore our downloads and come and say hi in our forum!

Happy 10th Anniversary, DriverPacks!

Thank you, to all DriverPacks contributors from over the past 10 or so years...     :)


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

A Merry Christmas, Happy (insert appropriate holiday here) and Prosperous New Year to all of our users.
Glædelig Jul og Godt Nytår
(Merry Christmas and Happy New Year...in Danish).

A major thanks to all the Admins, Mods and contributors for making our lives and jobs easier.
Enjoy your family, children and friends. Eat lots of yummy food.
If you must drive over the holidays please take care of yourselves and loved ones.
For all our users who have to work over the holiday season to keep us warm and our lights working, many, many thanks.


Stand Alone Driverpack (SAD) utility under heavy development

Our Stand Alone Driverpack (SAD) utility is undergoing fast & heavy development at the moment and countless improvements have been made by new contributor "SteveDun"!
If you have any bug reports or suggestions/requests for new functionality then NOW is the time to let us know.
We are currently in a "code freeze" so I can finalize/optimize the code for a version 3.0 release candidate.
The forums are waiting!  Get in there and give us feedback.
SAD Thread: [url]http://forum.driverpacks.net/viewtopic.php?id=5336[/url]


Happy Birthday Wim Leers

Our leaders Birthday today!

Thanks for everything Wim!


New OS discussion forums added

We've added some new areas in our forums based on user feedback.
New section "OS discussions" and covers Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 (& R2) and the forthcoming Windows 8 & Windows Server 2012.
We didn't feel it necessary to include Windows 2000, XP or Vista as those operating systems are old and have rapidly waning support from both Microsoft and us.
Please feel free to stop by and voice your opinions.