The DriverPacks and accompanying open source software are free, but we need your support!

Donate money

The Team has spent many hundreds of hours of their free time on creating, maintaining and improving the DriverPacks. We spent — and continue to spend — so much time on it, but it saves you a lot of time!
Thanks to our work, it only requires minutes of your time and your Windows installer will have support for virtually all devices available!

We also have server bills to pay though, and that is why we ask for your financial support.

P.S.: In return for your financial support, you will no longer see ads in the forum!

P.P.S.: also see the notable donors, whom donated at least €50! (For example:

The Team

We are currently not accepting donations.

Donate bandwidth

In the years 2008—2010 we managed to provide you with downloads powered by a CDN (first SimpleCDN, then MaxCDN). Traffic grew from ±1 TB per month to > 10TB per month during that time, and the bandwidth was sponsored by the CDN provider, in exchange for ads.
In October 2010, we introduced BitTorrent-powered downloads. We run our own tracker, this allows us to ensure that there can be no confusion with illegal downloads: only our downloads are accepted by our tracker. We also automatically sync the DriverPacks to two seedboxes, these are servers whose only purpose is to continuously seed the DriverPacks. This ensures all DriverPacks can always be downloaded! (Because if nobody is seeding, you cannot download anything via BitTorrent.)
After a mere month, number of downloads have increased, more than half the download traffic happens through BitTorrent (CDN usage has dropped more than 50%), and downloads have been reported to be significantly faster.
Clearly, providing BitTorrent-powered downloads has proven to be beneficial for everybody: less reliance on the goodwill of commercial ventures (CDN providers) for the project, and faster downloads for most.

But we can only sustain this, if many people donate some of their bandwidth. So we need your help too! After downloading the DriverPacks, just let them seed for some time. The longer, the better of course, because the faster it can be downloaded by others!

If you have unlimited bandwidth, or if you are using the DriverPacks for a large organization (education, company or otherwise), you may want to consider seeding all DriverPacks.
You can do this in two ways:

  1. You can provide a seedbox, to which we will automatically sync all DriverPack downloads. This is a one-time set-up, and afterwards it will all "just work". If this is what you want, you should contact us and select the "BitTorrent seedbox offer" category. This will automatically send you the required information.
  2. The other option is that you manually download an archive with all our .torrent files from time to time: torrents.tar.gz.

P.S.: In return for setting up a seedbox, and running it for at least a month, you will no longer see ads in the forum!

The Team