Step 8: slipstream!

If all is ready … Mash that "Slipstream!" button and let 'er rip!

Depending on the speed of your PC and the number of DriverPacks you are integrating, the slipstreaming process may take anywhere from 8 seconds to 5 minutes.If you run into any errors, search the forums before you post your problem. Chances are someone has already encountered the same problem you have and someone else has already found the solution.If all went well, then build your Windows source into an ISO file (using nLite or RyanVM Integrator), test it in a Virtual Machine (using VirtualPC, or VMWare) but remember that drivers won't install properly in a virtual environment, burn to CD-RW (mistakes are erasable!), and test on real live PC hardware. Make sure to give us feedback on your success/failure. Only your feedback will make these DriverPacks even better than they are now — we obviously cannot test everything for you, because then we'd need to have all hardware in existence.We hope this tutorial was helpful. If you feel DriverPacks are a worthwhile investment, please donate to the cause.