DriverPacks BASE 10.06

Released on June 15, 2010.

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2.74 MB (2,868,620 bytes)
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3.22 MB (3,379,511 bytes)
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DriverPacks BASE - 10.06

Language updates
- gskening Chinese (simplified) updated 
- Markman-B Dutch updated
- ricktendo64 Spanish updated
- Jinkazama Italian updated
- kenelin Chinese (Taiwan) added
- mersma Korean language added 

- Carey Holzman, Why not see if the user selected the mass storage drivers and, if so, set the text mode on automatically? Done...

- compstuff During an install DP deleted \$OEM$\$1\*.ini. but I have non DriverPacks related ini files there. Command may need to be updated to \$OEM$\$1\DriverPack_*.ini. Done

Major updates to Update Checker page
- internet hang issue reported by abdou, fixed fixes

Updates to language files

Implemented MD5 verification for downloads

Updated download speed calculation to be more accurate
added new button for Change Log - can now be viewed from DriverPacks BASE includes MD5, Size compressed and uncompressed, changelog, Date released and a link to the main page for the pack.

DPINST.exe updated to 2.1 (multi-language version used).

Rename code for PhysX & Runtimes added.

[BUG] Fix - RE: Index » BartPE - UBCD4Win - WinPE » ="sym_hi" DP_MassStorage_wnt5_x86-32_100125.7z TextSetup.sif

BartPE CD using REATOGO & DP_MassStorage_wnt5_x86-32_100125.7z.
The slipstream works but on bootup get Invalid entry in TEXTSETUP.SIF. 

-DoPnf retired 
- should also fix HectorFX and others issues with driversigning popup … 938#p29938

- Fix mr_smartepants issue cosmetic

- mass routine updated...

- Fix dumpydooby and jfcarbel issues with deleted txtsetup.sif entries

- 0000518: [translations] Update Dutch Translation DP's BAse 8.12.5 (OverFlow) - resolved.
- 0000519: [translations] Spanish translation tweaked (June 19 2009) (OverFlow) - resolved.
- 0000522: [slipstreamer] \$OEM$\$1\*.ini file deletion (OverFlow) - resolved.
- 0000509: [translations] Italian translation DPBase (OverFlow) - resolved.
- 0000513: [translations] translation Chinese (Taiwan) added (OverFlow) - resolved.
- 0000525: [DPs BASE misc.] Italian translation fixed (OverFlow) - resolved.
- 0000514: [translations] Translation Korean add to 9.01(for 8.12.4) (OverFlow) - resolved.
- 0000523: [slipstreamer] TEXTMODE integration erroneously removes certain entries from TXTSETUP.SIF (OverFlow) - resolved.