DriverPack WLAN 8.02 for Windows 2000/XP/2003 (x86)

Released on February 11, 2008.
Platform: Windows 2000/XP/2003 x86

Included drivers

  • 13 drivers
  • 3Com6 drivers
  • 3Com Corporation.1 driver
  • Accton2 drivers
  • Advanced Micro Devices1 driver
  • Agere Systems4 drivers
  • ANI1 driver
  • ASUS1 driver
  • Atheros5 drivers
  • Atheros Communications Inc1 driver
  • ATMEL12 drivers
  • AVM GmbH1 driver
  • Belkin6 drivers
  • Belkin Corporation3 drivers
  • Belkin Software, Inc.1 driver
  • Blitzz1 driver
  • Blitzz Technologies Inc.1 driver
  • Broadcom10 drivers
  • BUFFALO INC.5 drivers
  • CardBus 1 driver
  • Cisco3 drivers
  • Cisco-Linksys ,LLC.1 driver
  • Cisco-Linksys LLC.1 driver
  • Cisco-Linksys, LLC.3 drivers
  • Conceptronic4 drivers
  • corega2 drivers
  • corega K.K.1 driver
  • corega Wireless LAN1 driver
  • CREATIX1 driver
  • D-Link17 drivers
  • D-Link Corporation3 drivers
  • ELSA1 driver
  • Envara Inc.1 driver
  • Funk Software2 drivers
  • GlobespanVirata1 driver
  • HP1 driver
  • IEEE 802.11g1 driver
  • INPROCOMM1 driver
  • Intel6 drivers
  • Intel Corporation1 driver
  • Intersil1 driver
  • Intersil Corporation1 driver
  • LAN-Express1 driver
  • LANCOM Systems2 drivers
  • LanExpress2 drivers
  • Linksys15 drivers
  • Lucent Technologies2 drivers
  • Marvell2 drivers
  • Meetinghouse Data Communications1 driver
  • MELCO INC.7 drivers
  • Microsoft1 driver
  • Microsoft(R)5 drivers
  • Minitar2 drivers
  • NETGEAR8 drivers
  • NETGEAR, Inc.7 drivers
  • Novatel Wireless Inc20 drivers
  • OEM1 driver
  • PRISM1 driver
  • Provider key null / blank4 drivers
  • Proxim Corporation2 drivers
  • Ralink3 drivers
  • Ralink Technology, Inc.4 drivers
  • Realtek 2 drivers
  • Realtek Semiconductor Corp.2 drivers
  • Silicon Integrated Systems Corp.1 driver
  • Silicon Integrated Systems Corp.(1.03.12)1 driver
  • Silicon Integrated Systems Corp.(1.03.15)1 driver
  • Silicon Integrated Systems Corp.(1.05.01)2 drivers
  • Sitecom2 drivers
  • Sitecom Europe BV5 drivers
  • SMC15 drivers
  • SMC Networks Inc.2 drivers
  • SMC Networks, Inc.1 driver
  • SMC Networks,Inc.1 driver
  • Texas Instruments1 driver
  • The Cisco-Linksys, LLC.1 driver
  • The Linksys Group, Inc.1 driver
  • THOMSON3 drivers
  • Turbocomm2 drivers
  • U.S. Robotics2 drivers
  • U.S. Robotics Corporation6 drivers
  • U.S.Robotics1 driver
  • USB1 driver
  • USR1 driver
  • VNT1 driver
  • Wireless2 drivers
  • Wireless LAN1 driver
  • WirelessLAN1 driver
  • WLAN2 drivers
  • X-Micro1 driver
  • ZyDAS6 drivers
  • ZyXEL Communications Corp.1 driver

File details

File size
15.36 MB (16,108,259 bytes)
Original size
136.35 MB (142,976,850 bytes)
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- W\Co2 see W\EE, W\Co5 see W\R3, W\Co6 see W\R2, W\D1 see W\E6, W\D3D see W\D4M, W\D3E see W\D2F
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- W\EG see W\R3, W\EI see W\R3, W\EJ see W\Z
- W\L3B see W\B7, W\L5 see W\LB, W\L6a see W\L, W\L9 see W\B7, W\LC2 & W\LC3 & W\LC6 & W\LCA see W\LC4
- W\N4C see W\M, W\MT2 see W\MT & W\R3, W\RE see W\S, W\S2 see W\Sm4, W\S3 see W\Si2u
- W\Sc1 see W\BL3, W\Sc3 see W\Sc5, W\Sc4 see W\D2D, W\Sc7 see W\ScD, W\Sc9 see W\ScD
- W\ScA see W\R3, W\ScC see W\R3, W\SE see W\AtF, W\SE3 see W\AtF, W\SE4 see W\Co, W\SE5 see W\E6
- W\Sm8 see W\Sm7, W\Su see W\E8, W\Su3 see W\E6, W\Su5 see W\X7, W\Su6 see W\Su8, W\Su7 see W\E8, W\Su9 see W\RE
- W\SuA see W\Su2, W\SuD see W\Z, W\SuG see W\R3, W\SuI see W\SuC, W\U8 see W\U7, W\U9 See W\U6
- W\X see W\Z, W\X3 see W\Z, W\X5 see W\Si2u, W\X6 see W\RE, W\Z2 see W\R2, W\Z3 deleted

- [W\at]Encore ENLWI-SG (atheros), 01/20/2005,

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