DriverPack Sound B 7.10.1 for Windows 2000/XP/2003 (x86)

Released on October 19, 2007.
Platform: Windows 2000/XP/2003 x86

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- CL\F\1 Content was moved to CL (JakeLD)
- CxG1 Removed obsolete HXFSetup.exe (JakeLD)
- CxG3 Removed obsolete HXFSetup.exe (JakeLD)
- CR4 removed. Covered by CR6 and CR7 (Jaak)
- S\C Removed obsoletes INFCACHE.1, stac97.pnf, fastinstall.exe & fi.exe (JakeLD)
- S\I Removed staco64.dll, sfng64.sys,, STHDA64.inf, sthda64.ini, sthda64.sys&  suhlp64.exe (JakeLD)
- S\4 Removed STHDA64.INF, STHDA64.INI, STHDA64.SYS, STHDA64.CAT, suhlp64.exe, staco64.dll & INFCACHE.1 (JakeLD)
- S\U Removed obsoletes sfng64.sys, oem13.PNF & stac97.PNF (JakeLD)
- SMIN Removed obsoletes Install.exe & Remove.exe (JakeLD)
- T5 Removed obsolete T_DMX.exe (JakeLD)

- SC Turtle Beach Santa Cruz had files missing. (Jaak)
- INI fix for \T\2 (Jaak)

- SMAG AD1884 for HP DC7800 desktops 05/24/2007, (Jaak)

- S\D3 Sigmatel Dell GX740, Dell C521-E521, from 03/24/2006, to 07/27/2006, (Team)
- C2 C-Media Open Source 8738/8768 from 07/23/2007, 1.1.4 to 10/01/2007, 1.1.6 (JakeLD)