DriverPack Sound B 10.09 for Windows 2000/XP/2003 (x86)

Released on September 30, 2010.
Platform: Windows 2000/XP/2003 x86
This DriverPack can only be downloaded via BitTorrent.

Included drivers

  • 1 driver
  • ALi Corporation.1 driver
  • Analog Devices39 drivers
  • AnalogDevices15 drivers
  • Applied Drivers Corporation1 driver
  • ASUSTeK8 drivers
  • Avance Logic, Inc.2 drivers
  • C-Media Electronics Inc.2 drivers
  • C-Media Inc.3 drivers
  • Conexant27 drivers
  • Creative1 driver
  • Creative Technology Ltd.3 drivers
  • Dogbert1 driver
  • ESI 2 drivers
  • ESS Technology, Inc.4 drivers
  • Fujitsu Siemens Computers3 drivers
  • Hercules1 driver
  • Hercules Technologies1 driver
  • IDT14 drivers
  • M-Audio13 drivers
  • Microsoft3 drivers
  • NVIDIA Corporation3 drivers
  • SigmaTel10 drivers
  • Silicon Integrated Systems Corp.(1.12.06)1 driver
  • Silicon Integrated Systems Corp.(1.14.02)1 driver
  • TerraTec 2 drivers
  • TerraTec Electronic GmbH2 drivers
  • Voyetra Turtle Beach1 driver
  • Yamaha Corporation7 drivers

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612.28 MB (642,020,121 bytes)
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In order to keep the file path short, we have rearranged the folder structure indicating the manufacturer with a letter and * which means all the drivers of that manufacturer

A*\: Avance AC'97 Audio
AL\: ALi Audio Accelerator WDM driver
AS\: ASUS Xonar Audio
AU\: Aureal Audio
C*\: C-Media Audio
CL\: Cirrus Logic WDM Audio
CT*\: Creative audio
E*\: ESS PCI audio
ES*\: ESI Audio
H*\: Hercules Audio
I*\: IDT/Sigmatel audio
M*\: M-Audio
N*\: Nvidia audio
S*\: Soundmax audio
SS*\: SiS audio
T*\: Terratec audio
TB\: Turtle-Beach/Santa Cruz audio
TR\: Trident audio
X*\: Conexant Audio
Y*\: Yamaha PCI audio

AU\ Aureal Vortex 88*0 DriverVer =10/05/2001,5.1.2601.0
I0\ IDT High Definition Audio DriverVer=03/30/2010,5.10.6224.6
I21\ IDT High Definition Audio DriverVer=05/14/2010,
S10\ ADI/SoundMax for Dell DriverVer = 03/22/2005,
S39\ ADI/SoundMax for Toshiba DriverVer = 09/01/2004, 
X25\ Conexant "Pebble" High Definition Audio Device Driver Ver = 11/12/2009,
X26\ Conexant "Pebble" HD Audio for Asus DriverVer = 05/06/2010,

I\ IDT High Definition Audio DriverVer=12/10/2009,5.10.6233.219
I7\ IDT High Definition Audio DriverVer=05/07/2008,5.10.5790.3
I20\ Added HWID in separate .inf (Requested here
N\ Nvidia HDAudio from 01/28/2010, to 06/21/2010,
X24\ Conexant 20585 SmartAudio HD from 04/23/2010, to 07/21/2010,

Fixed .ini until Finisher gets updated to support HDAUDIO\Func...filtering.
Repacked using 32MB 7zip dictionary size.