DriverPack Mass Storage 10.09 for Windows 2000/XP/2003 (x86)

Released on September 30, 2010.
Platform: Windows 2000/XP/2003 x86
This DriverPack can only be downloaded via BitTorrent.

Included drivers

  • 1 driver
  • 3ware, Inc.1 driver
  • ACARD8 drivers
  • ACARD Technology Corp.1 driver
  • Adaptec25 drivers
  • Adaptec I2O RAID Adapters for Windows 2000 & XP 32bit1 driver
  • ADAPTEC, INC.2 drivers
  • ADPT1 driver
  • Advanced Micro Devices2 drivers
  • Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.1 driver
  • ALi Coporation1 driver
  • ALi Corporation2 drivers
  • AMCC4 drivers
  • AMD1 driver
  • AMD Technologies Inc.1 driver
  • Areca Technology Corporation2 drivers
  • ATI Technologies Inc2 drivers
  • Broadcom Corp1 driver
  • CMD Technology1 driver
  • Compaq2 drivers
  • DELL4 drivers
  • Dell Inc.2 drivers
  • Emulex2 drivers
  • Hewlett-Packard Company4 drivers
  • HighPoint31 drivers
  • IBM Corporation3 drivers
  • Initio1 driver
  • Intel25 drivers
  • Intel Corporation3 drivers
  • ITE Tech. Inc.1 driver
  • JMicron Technology Corp.3 drivers
  • LSI C1 driver
  • LSI Corp.3 drivers
  • LSI Corp.,3 drivers
  • LSI Corporation5 drivers
  • LSI Corporation.1 driver
  • LSI Logic3 drivers
  • LSI Logic Corp.2 drivers
  • LSI Logic Corporation.2 drivers
  • Marvell Inc.6 drivers
  • Marvell Semiconductor Inc.1 driver
  • Marvell Semiconductors ltd.1 driver
  • Mylex7 drivers
  • NVIDIA Corporation14 drivers
  • Promise Technology22 drivers
  • Promise Technology, Inc.3 drivers
  • QLogic5 drivers
  • Silicon Image32 drivers
  • Silicon Integrated Systems Corp1 driver
  • Silicon Integrated Systems Corp.3 drivers
  • ULi Electronics Inc.1 driver
  • VIA1 driver
  • VIA Technologies, Inc.3 drivers
  • VMware, Inc.1 driver

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39.26 MB (41,166,456 bytes)
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Repacked using 32MB 7zip dictionary size.
- C4\  Compaq\HP Smart Array SAS/SATA  DriverVer=02/22/2010,
- H11\ Highpoint RocketRAID 62x SATA DriverVer=06/15/2010,
- H12\ Highpoint RocketRAID 64x SATA DriverVer=12/31/2009, 
- N6r\ NVIDIA nForce 6 SATA/RAID DriverVer=11/12/2008, (no .ini entries)
- N7\  NVIDIA nForce 7/8 SATA/AHCI DriverVer=04/09/2010, (no .ini entries)
- N7r\ NVIDIA nForce 7/8 SATA/RAID DriverVer=04/09/2010, (no .ini entries)
- V4\  VIA StorX Storage Controller DriverVer = 04/30/2010,7.0.7600.105

- AM0\ AMD SATA Controller SB600, SB700, SB800(AHCI Mode)
  Updated to DriverVer=05/05/2009, (AHCI)
- AM1\ AMD SATA Controller SB600, SB700, SB800(IDE Mode)
  Updated to DriverVer=07/08/2009, (IDE)
- H1\  Highpoint RocketRAID 174X SATA
  Updated to DriverVer=10/23/2007,
- H1s\  Highpoint RocketRAID 174X SATA
  Updated to DriverVer=10/23/2007,
- H5\  Highpoint RocketRAID 2220 SATA
  Updated to DriverVer=10/26/2007,
- H8\  Highpoint RocketRAID 2300 SATA
  Updated to DriverVer=06/11/2009,
- H10\  Highpoint RocketRAID 3xxx/4xxx SATA
  Updated to DriverVer=04/28/2009,
- I4\ Intel Rapid Storage Technology 
  Updated to  Driver 03/03/2010,
- IT\ IT8212 ATA RAID controller
  Updated to DriverVer=09/17/2007, (last version, phased out)
- J\  JMicron JMB36X RAID 
  Updated to DriverVer=08/10/2010,
- M\  Marvell 61xx RAID Controller
  Updated to DriverVer=01/27/2010,
- M3\  Marvell Serial ATA Gen 1,2,3 PCI-X Adapter
  Updated to DriverVer=09/10/2006,
- M5\  Marvell 91xx AHCI SATA 6G Controller
  Updated to DriverVer=06/30/2010,
- N6\  NVIDIA nForce 6 SATA/AHCI 
  Updated to DriverVer=11/12/2008, (and modified .ini for txtsetup)
- SS\ SiS 180/181 RAID Controller
  Updated to DriverVer=05/03/2005,5.1.1039.1090
- SS1\ SiS 0182/1182 RAID Controller
  Updated to DriverVer=01/11/2007,5.1.1039.2110
- V\ VIA RAID Controller
  Updated to 02/23/2010, 5.1.7600.593 (5.90A)
- V3\ VIA SATA/PATA IDE controller
  Updated to 08/13/2009,7.0.7000.294 (2.90A)

- I\ Restored original txtsetup.oem, .cat & .inf files.
- I2\ Restored original txtsetup.oem, .cat & .inf files.
- I3\ Restored original txtsetup.oem, .cat & .inf files.
- I4\ Restored official iastor4.sys (v8.9.0.1023)
- I5\ Replaced missing ICH4 drivers

Fixed .ini so won't overload Win2k memory limit.
Renamed \N8\ to \N2\ (Nforce 2/3/4)
Fixed wrong HWID in .ini [AD4] PCI\VEN_1044&DEV_A501&SUBSYS_C06610(xx)