DriverPack LAN 11.04.1 for Windows Vista/7 (x86)

Released on April 20, 2011.
Platform: Windows Vista/7 x86
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Included drivers

  • 1 driver
  • ADMtek Incorp.1 driver
  • Atheros6 drivers
  • Attansic1 driver
  • Bigfoot Networks, Inc.4 drivers
  • Broadcom4 drivers
  • Broadcom Corporation5 drivers
  • Intel37 drivers
  • JMicron Technology Corp.2 drivers
  • Marvell2 drivers
  • NVIDIA2 drivers
  • Realtek3 drivers
  • Realtek Semiconductor Corp.2 drivers
  • Silicon Integrated Systems Corp.1 driver
  • ULi Electronics Inc.1 driver
  • VIA4 drivers

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8.82 MB (9,247,201 bytes)
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44.35 MB (46,500,880 bytes)
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17 Apr 2011 (11.04.1)
- JMicron\2 PCI Express Gigabit Ethernet Adapter (Win7) to DriverVer=04/11/2011,

25 Mar 2011 (11.04)
- Broadcom\1 NetLink 57xx Gigabit Ethernet from DriverVer=07/20/2010, to DriverVer=02/15/2011,
- Broadcom\2 NetXtreme Gigabit Ethernet from DriverVer=05/21/2010, to DriverVer=02/15/2011,
- Broadcom\3 BCM5700, BCM5701 and BCM5702 from DriverVer=05/21/2010, to DriverVer=01/17/2011,
- Broadcom\4 NetXtreme II Gigabit Ethernet from DriverVer=09/02/2010, to DriverVer=01/06/2011,
- Broadcom\4 NetXtreme II 10 Gigabit Ethernet from DriverVer = 10/07/2010, to DriverVer=02/01/2011,
- Broadcom\4 NetXtreme II Offload iSCSI from DriverVer=07/27/2010, to DriverVer=12/10/2010,
- Broadcom\4 NetXtreme II L2 Ndis Bus Driver from DriverVer=09/02/2010, to DriverVer=02/04/2011,
- Broadcom\4 NetXtreme II Diagnostic Driver from DriverVer=08/10/2010, to DriverVer=12/16/2010,
- JMicron\2 PCI Express Gigabit Ethernet Adapter (Win7) from DriverVer=01/14/2011, to DriverVer=03/10/2011,
- Realtek\2\Win7 PCIe RTL8169 FE/GBE Family Controller from DriverVer=01/26/2011,7.040.0126.2011 to DriverVer=02/16/2011,7.041.0216.2011
- Realtek\2\Vista PCIe RTL8169 FE/GBE Family Controller from DriverVer=12/30/2010,6.246.1230.2010 to DriverVer=02/22/2011,6.247.0222.2011
- VIA\2\Win7 VIA Velocity Gigabit Ethernet from DriverVer=12/13/2010, to DriverVer=12/29/2010,