DriverPack Touchpad_Mouse 11.07 for Windows Vista/7 (x64)

Released on July 2, 2011.
Platform: Windows Vista/7 x64
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This is a 3rd party DriverPack!

The 3rd party DriverPacks are a community effort. This means that updates are provided by our users. While we, the main team, try to help maintain them to the best of our ability, we cannot guarantee that the drivers were sourced directly from the vendors, like for our official DriverPacks.

Included drivers

  • 1 driver
  • Alps 1 driver
  • Alps3 drivers
  • ELAN3 drivers
  • Synaptics15 drivers
  • VMware, Inc.1 driver

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Will install the Alps, Elantech or Synaptic control utilities on ALL machines (even without a trackpad). 

July 2011
- Alps\4 ALPS TouchPad Driver (Acer)  DriverVer=09/30/2010, 7.106.2015.1105
- Elantech\3 Elantech TouchPad Driver (Acer/Gigabyte) DriverVer=11/11/2010,

- Synaptics\2\ (Synaptics Reference) DriverVer=03/31/2011,

June 2011
- Alps\1 ALPS TouchPad Driver DriverVer=01/25/2011, 7.6.303.111
- Alps\2 ALPS TouchPad Driver (Dell Multitouch) DriverVer=06/24/2010, 7.1007.101.209 (lots HWIDs)
- Alps\3 ALPS TouchPad Driver (Dell Multitouch) DriverVer=02/24/2011, 7.1208.101.116 (few HWIDs)

- Elantech\2 Elantech TouchPad Driver (Samsung)  DriverVer=11/15/2010,

Split Synaptics drivers back into separate folders to solve driver signing problem
- Synaptics\2\ (Synaptics Reference) DriverVer=12/22/2010,
- Synaptics\Acer\ DriverVer=01/13/2011,
- Synaptics\Asus\ DriverVer=03/04/2011,
- Synaptics\Dell1\ DriverVer=06/10/2010, (old models)
- Synaptics\Dell2\ DriverVer=01/07/2011, (new models)
- Synaptics\Fujitsu\ DriverVer=02/03/2011,
- Synaptics\HP1\ DriverVer=10/13/2010, (lots HWIDs)
- Synaptics\HP2\ DriverVer=02/03/2011, (few HWIDs)
- Synaptics\Lenovo\ DriverVer=05/05/2011,
- Synaptics\Samsung\ DriverVer=05/20/2010,
- Synaptics\Sony\ DriverVer=12/16/2010,
- Synaptics\Toshiba\ DriverVer=02/03/2011,