Step 5: DriverPacks BASE optional settings

Optional settings


In the below screen you can choose to enable the KTD setting — which stands for "Keep The Drivers". This is beneficial if you plan on swapping hardware (test bed) since this leaves all the DriverPacks uncompressed on your Windows installation (at C:\Windows\Drivers\).
Read the description for more info.
KTD is disabled by default.

QuickStream CacheNext up is the QuickStream Cache. Read the descripton. It is enabled by default.Basically, the QuickStream Cache speeds up the integration process for the next time you use DriverPacks BASE. However, if you edited and repackaged your DriverPack Mass Storage, you must clear out the QSC directory (which is where the QuickStream Cache is stored). You will find it easily, in this example it would be present at C:\Driverpacks\QSC\.Under normal circumstances, the version numbering system will prevent an outdated cache from being used, but it is still wise to clear it when updates were downloaded.Other optional settingsHere, you can select between ATI Catalyst Control Center or ATI Control Panel integration. This option only applies to ATI graphics cards, and can be ignored for other graphics systems. ATI CCC integration requires .NET framework to be integrated first otherwise the ATI CCC will not install properly.