Step 3: download DriverPacks

Now, download any DriverPacks you need for your hardware to the new directory C:\Driverpacks\Driverpacks\.
Note: C:\Driverpacks\Driverpacks\ is a sub directory of the folder where you installed the program DriverPacks BASE.

You can read about the supported hardware list on the download pages and select those you want, or go crazy and download them all! You can still select which you want to integrate later on.

You do not need to extract the DriverPacks. Leave them as *.7z files.

If you have any 3rd party DriverPacks (made by yourself or others), put them in the folder C:\Driverpacks\3rd party Driverpacks\. Check the 3rd party DriverPacks forum, someone else may have already built a DriverPack for your situation.